Friday, January 21, 2011

U wanna be a great man?

     Looks like it had been a long time since i updated my blog..well,it's kinda just the beginning a new semester for me,so i'm kinda in a hectic..last semester is a little bit disappointed to me because my PNGK is an average..i had been thinking, in not more than 6 month what have i learned in Unimap..i'm sure, if i pay a tremendous attention for sure i will a get better results..

     So, i have been wondering whether i had done the right thing or not..applying for a PTPTN which make me owed for like,that is a lot of money..after thinking,i'm sure i have to a put a lot of effort in order to become a great man..YES, my dream is to become a great man..everybody wanna to look great and they want others to respect them..what am i going to do to become a great man?

     Being a great man is not as easy as saying it..u need to have a lot of determination and commitment..first of all, u need to have a dream to become a great man..dream is one of the greatest thing that can change things from impossible to possible..don't let go your dream..if you have determination and have belief in your dream, you will succeed in spite of your desire to let go..

    Action speak louder than word..u need to take actions in order to achieve your dream not just by saying "i have dream, i wanna be blah blah blah"'s not making any sense just blurt out some random dream without having any intention to achieve it..go a find a way to achieve it..

     In my opinion, u need to follow your heart and instinct after thinking twice and making some consideration..usually, our instinct will become a great help to us..pray to the God and ask Him to give guidances and helps,seek for his His willingness, you will have a better way..

     I wanna be a great man because i want to make my parents proud of me..i wanna they know that their son  is trying his best to become a great man..i'm not saying all of this just because i have nothing to do in 4.40am.. i wanna share my opinion to opinion is not always right but i always tried my best to become,lets hope that together we can achieve our dreams..(^_^)

p/s: my english is bad,so i hope that you do not shocked if my blog have a lot of grammatical error..



  1. xpe kday practice make perfect..
    better try than never..hehe

    btw aku baru follow blog case you still remember me?

  2. great man can be divide into two.. great gay man a.k.a AM or great handsome man like me.. choose.. hahaha

  3. grah:hahah..thanks wei..ak igt lg la ko
    din:neither of those two..i choose me..the most handsome man..hahah

  4. kday, semoga mjdadi a great man ever in ur life. & Yes I agree, action speaks louder than word.